Saturday, April 09, 2011

wicked lovely

i have been reading the wicked lovely series by melissa marr. i am currently on the book radiant shadows. i must say the series is very compelling, however i find that when i take a long break between books i have to google the summaries to refresh my memory. every book is very detailed; the rules applied to the world of the books are sometimes broken but mostly by the powers that the characters possess. for example, the protagonist ani in the book radiant shadows is half human, half faerie and feeds on negative emotions by touching her target or just being around them. but her powers are key to the overall plot and conflict within the dark court. her existance a threat.
melissa marr does a wonderful job of answering any questions the reader may have in her books. every book focuses on a different central character however all the characters are woven into the books so the transition between books is seamless.
her writing is sophisticated, her use of vocabulary is great. the wicked lovely books are for those who like to explore the darkness behind faeries and love an almost impossible love story. in short, these books are good for anyone who likes fantasy with a modern twist, a good love story, and a lot of action.

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