Tuesday, October 25, 2011

top ten books to read during halloween

sooo today i'm participating in the broke and the bookish top ten tuesday again. the subject is books to read during halloween. im not so big on halloween considering i am a christian and ive never celebrated it. however, i do love a creepy book now and then ^_^. oh, one thing u must understand... i'm scared very easily lol so my list is books that are creepy or mind-bending to me.

1. the graveyard book by neil gaiman - i've recommended this to so many people at work lol it is such a creepy and beautiful story.

2. coraline by neil gaiman - the book is wayyyy creepier than the movie. it had me walking on eggshells and looking over my shoulder for a while >_<

3. sandman series by neil gaiman - again, neil gaiman. i dont think anyone can go wrong reading neil gaiman on halloween, but this series is the icing on the cake for me. the best part is that it is a comic book, so you can take in the art as well as the story.

4. the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugenides - it was hauntingly beautiful.

5. the phantom of the opera by gaston leroux - one of the classics. this book will have you looking around corners even in theaters on broadway. well... i did for a while anyway >_>

6. anna dressed in blood by kendare blake - i realllly want to read this book. my co worker and i are strongly considering it for our halloween read. it looks so creepy and on top of that, its a love story? sigh... a bundle of happiness.

7. the unbecoming of mara dyer by michelle hodkin - i want to read this one too. it just seems mind twisting and though i've heard some criticism about the writing, i've heard no complaints about the story except that it is number one a trilogy.

8. the complete tales of edgar allan poe - because its edgar allan poe.

9. the poison eaters and other stories by holly black - while i love the tithe series by holly black, i love her short stories more.

10. the ghosts of innisfree - i forget the author at the moment. but this is a book of ghost stories from ireland. as some of you know, i am obsessed with celtic myths and stories so this is definitely on my list.


  1. I have Anna Dressed in Blood on my list too - haven't read it yet but really looking forward to it.

  2. You picked some great halloween reads. Neil Gaiman is on my list, but I haven't made it to his books yet.
    Everyone seems to have Anna Dressed in Blood on their list. Seems I should bump it on my TBR pile

    My Top Ten

  3. this is about the 10th time I've seen Anna Dressed in Blood. Hmm, maybe I should read it!