Friday, October 21, 2011

waiting for...?

so every wednesday breaking the spine hosts "waiting on wednesday" where you post a book that you cant wait to come out. i was going to participate in it when i realized, i dont have any books that im excited about =/ there hasnt been a new release that i have been anxious to read or itching to get my hands on in a long time. ok well... mayb the night circus.... but i havent even gotten a chance to read it yet cuz im in the middle of 2 other books right now and it hasnt called out to me from my book shelf "reaaaadddd mmmeeeee" yet. mayb around halloween i'll get to it. idk.
i used to be excited about the maggie stiefvater wolves of mercy falls series, but then i got tired of the whole paranormal romance thing. and also melissa marr's wicked lovely series ended *tear* i still havent read the last book!
idk im just not motivated to read the whole paranormal romance thing lately. mayb something in realistic fiction. im not too crazy about sarah dessen or deb calletti. i have read a few of their books, a couple excite me, others fall flat. geez im so picky >_< lately i've read sarah zarr's story of a girl and water for elephants by sarah gruen. oh and im almost done with looking for alaska which has taken me FOREVER to get through because i felt the first half dragged onnnnnn. i do want to read levithan's every you, every me just cuz i havent read anything he's written himself. everything i've seen by him, he co-wrote.

anyways, i work in the teen/kids section in barnes and noble so i am up to date with the new releases and whats out in paper back n all that fun stuff. im keeping my eye out for anything that jumps out at me.

oh!!!! ps- if anyone wants to read a creepy book on halloween, i've heard anna dressed in blood by kendare blake is a good one.

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