Wednesday, November 30, 2011

top ten books for winter

so i missed top ten tuesday. i'm still going to make a list cuz i really like this topic. this tuesday it was top ten books on my 'to be read' list for winter.

1. linger by maggie steifvater
2. leaving paradise by simon elkeles
3. atonement by ian mcewan
4. the nutcracker by hoffman
5. stories: all new tales by neil gaiman*
6. zombies vs. unicorns*
7. the looking glass wars by beddor
8. dash and lilly's book of dares by levithan and cohn
9. east of the sun and west of the moon*
10. house of many ways by diana w. jones


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

top ten authors i would have to thanksgiving dinner

top ten tuesday again hosted by the broke and the bookish. today is top ten authors i would have to thanksgiving dinner.

1. jane austen - i know she's dead. but still, i love her all her books (with the exception of one), and from her biographies it seems like she'd be a great person to have and to contribute good dinner conversation.

2. kaoru tada - another writer that has passed on. i love her romantic comedy mangas. her work itazura na kiss is my above and beyond favorite but she died before she could finish it. i'd love to pick her brain and find out what happens.

3. luisa may alcott - ok so maybe i'm putting all the dead ppl first >.< anyway, i love her books as well. little women was one of my favorites growing up. she is kind of a jane austen equivalent for me.

4. elizabeth scott - one of the queens of teen fiction. i would love to have her over and witness creative genius.

5. neil gaiman - who wouldnt want neil gaiman over for dinner? he is just amazing.

6. j.m. barrie - i love this writer. peter pan is one of my favorite stories of all time. i would like to have him over just to tell him how wonderful he is and to have him tell stories while we sip hot chocolate by a fire place ^_^ (what i can dream lol)

7. s.e. hinton - i have all of her books. i love her books (again with the exception of one). i would love to pick her brain too.

8. laurie halse anderson - definitely royalty in the world of teen fiction. i would love to have her over. i think anderson and elizabeth scott would make great stories together.

9. michael turner - creater of soul fire and artist to so many comics. probably my favorite comic artist ever. he also passed away at a young age.

10. donna jo napoli - another author i think would provide very interesting dinner conversation. her books also inspired me while growing up.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

top ten books collecting dust on my shelves

it's top ten tuesday again!!! hosted by the broke and the bookish. today is top ten books that i have bought on shopping sprees at book stores and have not gotten to read them yet. it's truly a sad thing considering all the books i've borrowed from the library n have read instead of these books. so here are the top ten books that are screaming at me for ignoring them:

1. the mists of avalon series by marion zimmer bradley - i think its the size of them that intimidate me.

2. 20,000 leagues under the sea by jules verne - i wanted this book so much i even put it on my christmas list. then it got lost among the other books i got with the bn gift cards that year.

3. a company of swans by eva ibbotson - i read a few of her books that my friend let me borrow n i read another from the library but the one that i own i have not gotten to yet =/

4. everlost by neal shusterman - i bought it on a whim and never read it.

5. go ask alice - i know, its a shame i have not read this yet when every teen when i was in high school read it and most ppl have at some point in their life. here i am in my 20s and i still have not read this book.

6. milkweed by jerry spinelli - another book i realllly wanted especially after reading night by weisel and the boy in striped pajamas by boyne.

7. band of brothers by stephen ambrose - i kind of have this war book fetish. i have so many, i used to read them all the time as a tween, i was really into historical fiction n memoirs. i got this one as a graduation gift n its still sitting on my shelf.

8. anansi boys by neil gaiman - considering how obsessed i am with neil gaiman, i am surprised that as i was staring at my bookshelf making this list that i have not read this one yet.

9. hood by stephen lawhead - i dont remember where i got this one, if it was at a yard sale or something. i liked the cover n that it was about robin hood. mayb i havent read it cuz its long n a trilogy n thats just eh right now.

10. peter pan in scarlet by geraldine mccaughrean - i saved this one for last cuz its origin shocks ppl. this is the offical sequel to j.m. barrie's peter pan. "*gasp* no way" you may say. yes it is. and i know for a fact the reason i havent read it is because i am worried that it wont live up to expectation, though no version or spin off of peter pan will ever be better than or equal to the original. mayb im scared i'll like it? idk. for now it just sits there.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ten Books That I Read That Were Outside Of My Comfort Zone

today is: Ten Books That I Read That Were Outside Of My Comfort Zone (whether you liked them or not). so i tried to include books from school that i was forced to read as well as some others. 

1. drown by junot diaz - i had to read this in my immigrant literature class. it is a collection of stories, i liked some of them. definitely outside of my comfort zone because of the present day setting, spanish slang and cursing that was in it.

2. the brief and wondrous life of oscar wao by junot diaz - i read this in my advanced fiction writing class because it won the pulitzar prize. it was the first book i read with a lot of footnotes and it again had spanish slang and way too much cursing.

3. tyrell by coe booth - i do not read books written in ebonics, i can never understand anything thats going on or what they are saying >_< i had to read this in my advanced fiction writing class.

4. bodega dreams by ernesto quinonez - this was a good one. i read it in immigrant literature too. it is a modern take on the great gatsby.

5. the road by cormac mccarthy - i read this in my creative writing class. i dont read post apocalyptic books cuz i dont like thinking about the end of the world.

6. the outsiders by s.e. hinton - i read this in 7th grade like most of us did. before this i mostly read historical fiction and fairy tales.

7. the uglies by scott westerfield - the first real science fiction book i read. i still dont read science fiction too much, not my favorite genre.

8. candle in the darkness by lynn n. austin - religious fiction. i read it cuz my mom made me.

9. story of a girl by sarah zarr - i dont really read teen realistic fiction unless i read it for the craft or the story is interesting to me. this one i read for the craft.

10. wizard's first rule by terry goodkind - another science fiction book. i do not like science fiction so much. this book took me FOREVER to finish. it was like "there was a vine. and this vine curved in a particular way, and the way it curved reminded me of something my father said when i was a child. and when i was a child i was tiny" blah blah blah.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Top Ten Books I Had Strong Emotions Over

it's tuesday! i'm really starting to look forward to tuesdays and to the top ten lists. yes, i am one of those who takes joy in making lists so this is just a way to feed my obsession >_< so thank you the broke and the bookish
today is top ten books that you had strong emotions about whether it was crying, anger, laughter etc.

1. living dead girl by elizabeth scott - this book had me going WTHeck! at the end.

2. ps i love you by ceceila ahern - i cried. that is all.

3. the boy in striped pajamas by john boyne - go read it. now. if you havent, you must. and if you dont cry, you are a heartless being.

4. my sisters keeper by jodi picoult - the ending left me sitting there with my mouth hanging open.

5. if i stay by gale forman - i almost threw the book across the room. i was disappointed by the ending. i sat there and said: "thats it??? what the heck??"

6. stay by deb caletti - i have such mixed feelings about this book. i dont like it because of the writing/footnotes but i love it because of the issues it addresses and i can strongly relate to the protagonist.

7. forbidden by tabitha suzuma - another book that made my jaw drop. the ending totally caught me by surprise.

8. love letters by a.r. gurney - this one is a play. i loved it until the end. gurney definitely threw the ending out the window.

9. harry potter and the deathly hallows - because i sat there going "why?!?!" when a certain character died.

10. eclipse and breaking dawn by stephanie meyers - i dont like these books. i have so many issues with these books.