Tuesday, November 22, 2011

top ten authors i would have to thanksgiving dinner

top ten tuesday again hosted by the broke and the bookish. today is top ten authors i would have to thanksgiving dinner.

1. jane austen - i know she's dead. but still, i love her all her books (with the exception of one), and from her biographies it seems like she'd be a great person to have and to contribute good dinner conversation.

2. kaoru tada - another writer that has passed on. i love her romantic comedy mangas. her work itazura na kiss is my above and beyond favorite but she died before she could finish it. i'd love to pick her brain and find out what happens.

3. luisa may alcott - ok so maybe i'm putting all the dead ppl first >.< anyway, i love her books as well. little women was one of my favorites growing up. she is kind of a jane austen equivalent for me.

4. elizabeth scott - one of the queens of teen fiction. i would love to have her over and witness creative genius.

5. neil gaiman - who wouldnt want neil gaiman over for dinner? he is just amazing.

6. j.m. barrie - i love this writer. peter pan is one of my favorite stories of all time. i would like to have him over just to tell him how wonderful he is and to have him tell stories while we sip hot chocolate by a fire place ^_^ (what i can dream lol)

7. s.e. hinton - i have all of her books. i love her books (again with the exception of one). i would love to pick her brain too.

8. laurie halse anderson - definitely royalty in the world of teen fiction. i would love to have her over. i think anderson and elizabeth scott would make great stories together.

9. michael turner - creater of soul fire and artist to so many comics. probably my favorite comic artist ever. he also passed away at a young age.

10. donna jo napoli - another author i think would provide very interesting dinner conversation. her books also inspired me while growing up.

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  1. eeeeeeh! I'm considering heading to Melbourne for New Year's Eve to see Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer... though no one to go with and I don't really feel like spending NYE with strangers :(