Wednesday, November 16, 2011

top ten books collecting dust on my shelves

it's top ten tuesday again!!! hosted by the broke and the bookish. today is top ten books that i have bought on shopping sprees at book stores and have not gotten to read them yet. it's truly a sad thing considering all the books i've borrowed from the library n have read instead of these books. so here are the top ten books that are screaming at me for ignoring them:

1. the mists of avalon series by marion zimmer bradley - i think its the size of them that intimidate me.

2. 20,000 leagues under the sea by jules verne - i wanted this book so much i even put it on my christmas list. then it got lost among the other books i got with the bn gift cards that year.

3. a company of swans by eva ibbotson - i read a few of her books that my friend let me borrow n i read another from the library but the one that i own i have not gotten to yet =/

4. everlost by neal shusterman - i bought it on a whim and never read it.

5. go ask alice - i know, its a shame i have not read this yet when every teen when i was in high school read it and most ppl have at some point in their life. here i am in my 20s and i still have not read this book.

6. milkweed by jerry spinelli - another book i realllly wanted especially after reading night by weisel and the boy in striped pajamas by boyne.

7. band of brothers by stephen ambrose - i kind of have this war book fetish. i have so many, i used to read them all the time as a tween, i was really into historical fiction n memoirs. i got this one as a graduation gift n its still sitting on my shelf.

8. anansi boys by neil gaiman - considering how obsessed i am with neil gaiman, i am surprised that as i was staring at my bookshelf making this list that i have not read this one yet.

9. hood by stephen lawhead - i dont remember where i got this one, if it was at a yard sale or something. i liked the cover n that it was about robin hood. mayb i havent read it cuz its long n a trilogy n thats just eh right now.

10. peter pan in scarlet by geraldine mccaughrean - i saved this one for last cuz its origin shocks ppl. this is the offical sequel to j.m. barrie's peter pan. "*gasp* no way" you may say. yes it is. and i know for a fact the reason i havent read it is because i am worried that it wont live up to expectation, though no version or spin off of peter pan will ever be better than or equal to the original. mayb im scared i'll like it? idk. for now it just sits there.

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  1. oh yeah I forgot about the mists of avalon. I have that one buried somewhere. I got halfway through the first book and went "meh". Just didn't do anything for me. Haven't picked it up since.