Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Top Ten Books I Had Strong Emotions Over

it's tuesday! i'm really starting to look forward to tuesdays and to the top ten lists. yes, i am one of those who takes joy in making lists so this is just a way to feed my obsession >_< so thank you the broke and the bookish
today is top ten books that you had strong emotions about whether it was crying, anger, laughter etc.

1. living dead girl by elizabeth scott - this book had me going WTHeck! at the end.

2. ps i love you by ceceila ahern - i cried. that is all.

3. the boy in striped pajamas by john boyne - go read it. now. if you havent, you must. and if you dont cry, you are a heartless being.

4. my sisters keeper by jodi picoult - the ending left me sitting there with my mouth hanging open.

5. if i stay by gale forman - i almost threw the book across the room. i was disappointed by the ending. i sat there and said: "thats it??? what the heck??"

6. stay by deb caletti - i have such mixed feelings about this book. i dont like it because of the writing/footnotes but i love it because of the issues it addresses and i can strongly relate to the protagonist.

7. forbidden by tabitha suzuma - another book that made my jaw drop. the ending totally caught me by surprise.

8. love letters by a.r. gurney - this one is a play. i loved it until the end. gurney definitely threw the ending out the window.

9. harry potter and the deathly hallows - because i sat there going "why?!?!" when a certain character died.

10. eclipse and breaking dawn by stephanie meyers - i dont like these books. i have so many issues with these books.


  1. Great list! Harry Potter seems to be a popular pick. There were two deaths that really got me in Deathly Hallows. I swear that book should have come with free tissues.

    My top ten is here if you'd like a look :)

  2. Living Dead Girl was such a hard book to read. I have My Sister's Keeper, but I'm afraid to read it because everyone hates the ending. I don't want to read the whole thing and then end up hating it.

    Lindsey @ babiesbooksandsigns.com

  3. I was totally inconsolable after reading Deathly Hallows! :( Totally agree... WHY!?!?!?

    And Breaking Dawn, I just wanted to throw it in a rubbish bin and set it on fire.

  4. Amazing list! These books are so GREAT! I really need to read "Stay" by Deb Caletti!

    I'm following your blog now!

    Here's mine: http://carycheyennexo.blogspot.com/2011/11/top-ten-tuesday-1.html

  5. I was completely moved by Forbidden! It really touched me the way that the children had to be the parents, so wrong but so emotional. Haven't finished If I Stay yet and now I am not sure I will :-)

  6. @MamaMunky: Read My Sister's Keeper. It is worth it.

    Living Dead Girl was beautiful. I love it when the ending surprises me. That also happened with Forbidden for me. That book, I really have no words other than it actually hurt to read that. The ending to if i stay is perfect. The purpose of the story was fulfilled and I was happy just knowing that. Naturally, Deathly Hallows will make any fan emotional. I read The Boy in Striped Pajamas on Thanksgiving day. Boy, was that a mistake. I was crying through my meals! I haven't read Stay by Deb Caletti, yet. I do generally enjoy her books and look forward to reading it.