Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my top memorable books of 2011

the broke and the bookish TTT: my top ten books of 2011.

1. the hunger games by suzanne collins- i think this has made everyone's list today lol

2. the night circus by erin morgenstern- this is the only book i was anticipating n really couldnt wait for the release date to get my hands on it. im so glad i did.

3. nyx by joe quesada- i am obsessed with the character x-23. she is my new favorite kick butt heroine.

4. water for elephants by sara gruen- i read this so i could see the movie and i never saw the movie. the book was great though.

5. the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugenides- it left me like this: O_O... :'(

6. the lover's dictionary by david levithan- this was such a fun read. there is nothing else to say. it is so unique, i've never read anything like it.

7. story of a girl by sara zarr- my professor recommended that my class read this one to see how sara zarr's writing is so real.

8. never let me go by kazuo ishiguro- this was so beautiful. i havent seen the movie yet, but the book was very good. i want to read the remains of the day by ishiguro next year.

9. will grayson, will grayson by john green and david levithan- i had to read this one for school in may. it was so unusual with memorable characters. definitely one to look at for craft.

10. dash and lily's book of dares by rachel cohn and david levithan- i just finished this one recently. i didnt care much for the ending, but i loved it none the less.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top Ten Books I Hope Santa Brings

omgsh i have been waiting for this list all month!!! ahem. anyway, today is top ten tuesday again hosted by the broke and the bookish. today is top ten books i hope santa brings. so i have to be the cynical one and say i dont believe in santa... (sorry everyone). so these are books that are on my endless TBR list and on my christmas wish list.

1. instructions by neil gaiman- one of my most favorite poems ever. i found out recently at work that it was illustrated and published as a picture book. needless to say, I WANT IT.

2. the tale of the nutcracker by alexander dumas/the nutcracker and the mouse king by e.t.a hoffman- ok i know im cheating by putting two books here. but the nutcracker is my favorite ballet as well as my favorite christmas story. it is just so sad that i do not own these books.

3. the joy luck club by amy tan- i have wanted this book FOREVER. i absolutely adore the movie and i think i borrowed this book from the library to read it about 3x. i think its about that time (as jonathan says ^_^) this book needs to be on my shelves.

4. stories: all new tales by neil gaiman- i am obsessed with anthologies. i love short stories and i love neil gaiman. why would i not want this book?

5. the pacific by hugh ambrose- i have the complete dvd collection of the mini series that was made about this book. i would rather read the book first. i know i said the same thing about band of brothers and it is still collecting dust on my shelf  >_< i think i've said this before in one of my other posts, but i kinda have this thing for books about war. they have their own section on my shelves and everything.

6. metamaus: a look inside the modern classic, maus by art spiegelman- again with the war books. i loved maus and i see this book at work everyday. i swear sometimes it calls to me with the way the mouse on the cover is staring. "buyyyyyy meeeeee" >.<

7. atonement by ian mcewan- i LOVE the movie. i heard the book is amazing. this has been on my TBR list forever. i refuse to get it from the library because even if it ends up sucking, i'll still have it as a wonderful love/war story.

8. eloise series by kay thompson- ok in all honesty, i want the book eloise at christmastime because its my favorite christmas movie. however, i would like to have all the eloise books because i love eloise as a character. maybe more than i loved madeline as a kid.

9. east of the sun and west of the moon: old tales from the north- i think this is the one book that i dont care what edition it is or what publisher or illustrator. i just want to own the story east of the sun and west of the moon. it is what inspired my favorite book east by edith pattou. it is a fabulous story and i must have it.

10. d'aulaires' book of norse mythology- so, east of the sun and west of the moon is a norse tale. i have this thing for norse and celtic mythology. this edition has beautiful illustrations and wonderful stories and lots of information about norse mythology.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top Ten Books I Want To Give As Gifts

broke and the bookish top ten tuesday. today is top ten books i want to give as gifts, even if i wont give it to them.

1. the maze runner by james dashner: i'd give this one to my godsister. she wants a new start a new adventure trilogy.

2. the help by kathryn stockett: i would give this one to my mom. she likes books like this. i'd probably give her the secret life of bees by sue monk kidd too.

3. dash and lily's book of dares by rachel cohn and david levithan: ally, you probably read this one already. i just started it and i love it so far. i think its better than nick and norah's infinite playlist.

4. house of many ways by diana wynne jones: my sister skittles would love this one. she has both howl's moving castle and castle in the air.

5. on writing by stephen king: for ally because you love to write and this one is a good writing guide. i'd probably get this for luis too.

6. tithe by holly black: for my godsister breshia, just because lol.

7. every you, every me by david levithan: to my skittles. she wants a new book from a male perspective.

8. hans christian anderson's fairytales: for my cousin to read to her kids ^_^

9. the warrior heir by cinda williams chima: to luis and my godsister, breshia, because you both love adventures and this is one of my favorites.

10. the things they carried by tim o'brien: jonathan i'd give this one to you because you like books about war and history. i really think you would like reading historical fiction. tim o'brien seems like a good place to start.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

top ten childhood faves

top ten tuesday!!! today is top ten childhood favorites.
i was a bit of a history buff as a kid, so many of my favorite books from back then are historical fiction.  other than that, these are books that let me escape from reality or have a character that was just like me that i could empathize with.

1. soldier boys by dean hughes- this book is one of the first books i read that was written from two perspectives.  one soldier is a nazi, the other an american.

2. a separate peace by john knowles- i had to read this one in my 8th grade english honors class. i was the only one who liked it.

3. dear america series- i LOVED these books, i think i have almost all of them. each book is a different time in history and is about different girls of different ethnicity. it is their diary, so it was like reading a diary from someone my age in that time period.

4. the outsiders by s.e. hinton- this book has been on my TTT a number of times and it will continue to be. i first read this book in the 7th grade. i absolutely despised the teacher who assigned it to my class and to my surprise, i loved it. it was the first book i read that took place in modern times that i loved.

5. blood and chocolate by annette curtis klause- so i wasnt really a kid when i read this one, i was about 14 or 15 when i did.  blood and chocolate was the first paranormal romance novel i ever read and i still make sure i read it once a year. each time i read it i fall in love with it again.

6. strega nona by tommie depaola- i absolutely adored this story. my mom read it to my sister and i to teach us about obedience and consequences i think, but it was just so funny. it was like an italian telling of juan bobo.

7. julie of the wolves by jean craighead george- this was one of the first books i read that was separated into three different parts. it is a book about eskimos and how change was forced upon their culture told from a young girl's perspective.

8. zel by donna jo napoli- i practically worshiped donna jo napoli as a kid. she is to me what laurie halse anderson is to other ya readers. zel was the first book i read by her. it is a unique twist on rapunzel.

9. little women by luisa may alcott- i grew up with my sister and two cousins. to me, we were like the march sisters and i was jo march lol. i wanted to write and i was a bit of a tomboy.

10. peter pan by j.m. barrie- i saved the best for last. peter pan is probably my most favorite story of all time. i own several different editions of the story as well as the sequel and some spinoffs. i still want to go to london and see the statue and big ben and maybe if i'm lucky, the second star to the right ^_^

Sunday, December 04, 2011

on books i have read so far this season

might contain spoilers.

title: the unidentified
author: rae mariz
book birthday: october 5, 2010
rating: 2 stars

 it was just so BORING. it was so ehhhhhhhhhh. it started out so slow and nothing ever happened. the plausibility wasnt there, the whole made up gadgets and twitter was kinda lame.

perfect chemistry series
author: simon elkeles
series rating: 4 stars
these were okay. i enjoyed perfect chemistry for the fun factor more than the romance. i think brittney forgave alex too easily in the end. in rules of attraction, i enjoyed the family dynamics more than the romance. The romance in chain reaction was good, it had way more drama than the first two. i found myself paying more attention to the relationship between carlos and alex in rules of attraction. in chain reaction, it was a combination of family and love interest. over all, the series seems focused on family. these books are my go-to cheesy romance books that make me smile because they all have happily ever after endings.

title: seven tears into the sea
author: terri farley
rating: 2.5 stars

i wanted to read this book because i am obsessed with celtic mythology. this book is about selkies, but not the usual female selkie, it is about the male selkie which i find (or should i say found) very interesting. the book was so dull. it dragged on, the protagonist fell in love to quickly and it didnt go anywhere, it fell flat like everyone just accepted it. there didnt seem to be any real antagonist to the story. at first it seemed like it was the townspeople who thought she was crazy, or the guy she used to have a crush on in elementary school and was now a jerk. idk, every conflict was never really resolved or it was resolved too quickly. i wish the protagonist's superstitious grandmother and the protagonist's love interest were elaborated on more. their stories kind of fell out of the picture and we were just to accept what was said. there were wayyyy too many holes in this story.