Sunday, December 04, 2011

on books i have read so far this season

might contain spoilers.

title: the unidentified
author: rae mariz
book birthday: october 5, 2010
rating: 2 stars

 it was just so BORING. it was so ehhhhhhhhhh. it started out so slow and nothing ever happened. the plausibility wasnt there, the whole made up gadgets and twitter was kinda lame.

perfect chemistry series
author: simon elkeles
series rating: 4 stars
these were okay. i enjoyed perfect chemistry for the fun factor more than the romance. i think brittney forgave alex too easily in the end. in rules of attraction, i enjoyed the family dynamics more than the romance. The romance in chain reaction was good, it had way more drama than the first two. i found myself paying more attention to the relationship between carlos and alex in rules of attraction. in chain reaction, it was a combination of family and love interest. over all, the series seems focused on family. these books are my go-to cheesy romance books that make me smile because they all have happily ever after endings.

title: seven tears into the sea
author: terri farley
rating: 2.5 stars

i wanted to read this book because i am obsessed with celtic mythology. this book is about selkies, but not the usual female selkie, it is about the male selkie which i find (or should i say found) very interesting. the book was so dull. it dragged on, the protagonist fell in love to quickly and it didnt go anywhere, it fell flat like everyone just accepted it. there didnt seem to be any real antagonist to the story. at first it seemed like it was the townspeople who thought she was crazy, or the guy she used to have a crush on in elementary school and was now a jerk. idk, every conflict was never really resolved or it was resolved too quickly. i wish the protagonist's superstitious grandmother and the protagonist's love interest were elaborated on more. their stories kind of fell out of the picture and we were just to accept what was said. there were wayyyy too many holes in this story.

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