Tuesday, December 06, 2011

top ten childhood faves

top ten tuesday!!! today is top ten childhood favorites.
i was a bit of a history buff as a kid, so many of my favorite books from back then are historical fiction.  other than that, these are books that let me escape from reality or have a character that was just like me that i could empathize with.

1. soldier boys by dean hughes- this book is one of the first books i read that was written from two perspectives.  one soldier is a nazi, the other an american.

2. a separate peace by john knowles- i had to read this one in my 8th grade english honors class. i was the only one who liked it.

3. dear america series- i LOVED these books, i think i have almost all of them. each book is a different time in history and is about different girls of different ethnicity. it is their diary, so it was like reading a diary from someone my age in that time period.

4. the outsiders by s.e. hinton- this book has been on my TTT a number of times and it will continue to be. i first read this book in the 7th grade. i absolutely despised the teacher who assigned it to my class and to my surprise, i loved it. it was the first book i read that took place in modern times that i loved.

5. blood and chocolate by annette curtis klause- so i wasnt really a kid when i read this one, i was about 14 or 15 when i did.  blood and chocolate was the first paranormal romance novel i ever read and i still make sure i read it once a year. each time i read it i fall in love with it again.

6. strega nona by tommie depaola- i absolutely adored this story. my mom read it to my sister and i to teach us about obedience and consequences i think, but it was just so funny. it was like an italian telling of juan bobo.

7. julie of the wolves by jean craighead george- this was one of the first books i read that was separated into three different parts. it is a book about eskimos and how change was forced upon their culture told from a young girl's perspective.

8. zel by donna jo napoli- i practically worshiped donna jo napoli as a kid. she is to me what laurie halse anderson is to other ya readers. zel was the first book i read by her. it is a unique twist on rapunzel.

9. little women by luisa may alcott- i grew up with my sister and two cousins. to me, we were like the march sisters and i was jo march lol. i wanted to write and i was a bit of a tomboy.

10. peter pan by j.m. barrie- i saved the best for last. peter pan is probably my most favorite story of all time. i own several different editions of the story as well as the sequel and some spinoffs. i still want to go to london and see the statue and big ben and maybe if i'm lucky, the second star to the right ^_^

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  1. Just hopping through--I loved The Outsiders and A Separate Peace, too, but I didn't read them until I was older.