Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: Graceling series

title: graceling
author: kristen cashore
book birthday: october 1, 2008
rating:  5 stars

i love this book. i bought it the same week i finished it at the library. the world was vivid, the story was action packed, there were no questions left afterwards. it was one of those books that after i finished it i held it to my chest and sighed with happiness. katsa and po are officially one of my favorite couples of all time. i love that their relationship is not mushy or sappy. graceling was the new read i needed, so unexpected, i was never bored. i like that katsa is not your typical heroine, she is flawed but thats part of what makes her likeable. her spitfire attitude makes for some very good action and comedic scenes. i admit some part were a little flourished too much like descriptions of scenery that i wanted to skip. 

title: fire
author: kristen cashore
book birthday: january 25, 2011
rating: 3 stars

i didn't love this book at all. i understand how it relates to graceling with the prologue being about king leck as a child and later in the book how he gets the patch on his eye. honestly the prologue was my favorite part of the book. the story of fire was interesting. i did not like her relationship with archer at times. it felt like it got in the way of the bigger story. i think there was a lot of drama in this book and not enough action. there was a lot of sex, a lot of conflicting emotions from the characters, a lot of the characters trying to find out who they are. this book is definitely for the older teen/young adult. 15 and under should not read this book. cashore's writing style is consistent, but the story was lacking.

title: bitterblue
author: kristen cashore
book birthday: may 1, 2012
rating: 3 1/2 stars

i was looking forward to this book to see where the story went. i think it is a good sequel to graceling. bitterblue is a much more fragile character than katsa but she has her own strengths. i think i liked the second half of the book more than the first. the world was still tight which was something i was worried about. i love that questions about leck are answered in bitterblue. the things that leck did to people and his kingdom were sad, heartbreaking and horrific. i had to put the book down a couple times and clear my head before i kept reading. i was disappointed in bitterblue's relationship with sapphire. considering her other books, i thought cashore would have made the sparks fly a lot sooner.
i think i will buy this book when it comes out in paperback to have because it is the sequel to graceling and because of the questions it answers. at the end of graceling, you know that all is not well, things have to get done to make everything better but the bad guy is gone and there is a moment of peace. that is the same feeling i got at the end of bitterblue however i was still left with a lot of questions about minor characters like raffin and gideon. also i was left wondering about bitterblue's marriage situation. after all the drama it was forgotten and never addressed. she never said at the end if she would consider marriage or not.
idk i'm still trying to figure out what was missing for me.

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