Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Kingdom of Xia series by Cindy Pon

title: silver phoenix (kingdom of xia book 1)
author: cindy pon
book birthday: april 17, 2009
rating: 4 stars

this book was a combination of fushigi yugi by yuu watase and graceling by kristen cashore.  ai ling's food cravings and power were like miaka in fushigi yugi but her journey was kind of like katsa's in graceling especially how she runs into cheng young. over all i loved the book. it is something i would have on my shelf. maybe it's because i am obsessed with asian culture. ai ling's story is so unique and cheng po is the perfect love interest. i loved the mystery of the book, it's what kept me going. i just had to know what was going to happen next ^_^

title: fury of the phoenix (kingdom of xia book 2)
author: cindy pon
book birthday: march 10, 2011
rating: 4 stars

i did not feel the fury of the phoenix in this book. i understand everything is explianed in this novel, however i feel like the titles of the books should have been switched. because this one explains the origin of silver phoenix, i think this book should have been titled silver phoenix. in the first book you feel the anger and wrath of silver phoenix so that should have been named fury of the phoenix.
in this book the relationship between cheng young and ai ling grows intense. again i am reminded of the graceling series, but this time it was more like the way that bitterblue explains graceling. it did not bother me so much though. i was totally into the story and origin of silver phoenix. the tension between cheng young and ai ling was great too. it kind of fell apart for me after the first half, but it picked up again.

over all, a very good series i would love to have on my shelves.

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