Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Review: Divergent series

book: divergent
author: veronica roth
book birthday: may 3, 2011
rating: 3.5 stars

this book was a fun read.  i love the premise and the secrets. tris is such a kick butt character. her conflicting emotions did get annoying sometimes, but thats just part of being human. the book as a whole lived up to the hype.
that being said, the world does have a lot of holes. we dont know how long the society has lived the way it has or why anyone would go against natural instinct and be told that certain personality traits define who they are. at least in hunger games and forest of hands and teeth we get get a time frame of how long they have been living this way and why the teenage generation thinks the way they do.
i guess i wonder what the message is about the divergent. is it good that they are different? i had some issues with the world building, like why every section had to fit stereotypes. dauntless were basically punk, amity hugged people a lot and were kind of the creepy happy, erudite were scholars down to the crisp white shirts tucked into their pants. 
overall i looked forward to reading what would happen next and to knowing where the story was going.

book: insurgent
author: veronica roth
book birthday: may 1, 2012
rating: 2 stars

i hate the ending. yea i understand that its an edge of your seat cliff hanger but seriously??? i feel like roth didnt know where to go with the story and just left it there.
the one thing i love about the book (and reviews i found hate this) is that it picks up directly after divergent ended. i think that it is unique and great for those who could not wait and reread divergent before they bought insurgent.
another thing i didnt like about this book is the romance. why did four and tris have a body crushing kiss every time? and why were there more holes in this book? the way people were acting made me think that everyone can develop and become divergent. 
sympathy for characters was missing for me too. we were introduced to some characters and reintroduced to others and when they died i didnt care.

*spoiler alert*
how did you not know that edward was on the erudite side?!?!?! he wore blue on his patch alllll the time for crying out loud!!!

overall review:
i will read the third book in the series when it comes out. the series is interesting and i do want to know what happens. however i feel like the same dystopian concepts repeated over again. the closed off society to make a better one was very forest of hands and teeth. the factions were like the sections in hunger games with their different functions. the list goes on. im sorry if im harsh, i never really cared for dystopian novels to begin with.
would i own the series? probably not. i'll recommend it to customers who like dystopian action and romance etc.

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