Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top Ten Books I Thought I'd Like MORE/LESS Than I Did

TTT again hosted by the broke and the bookish . today is top ten books i thought i'd like more/less than i did. i couldn't think of ten i liked more or ten i liked less so i combined the lists.

5 books i thought i'd like less than i did:

1. dash and lily's book of dares by rachel cohen and david levithan - i read this because i really wanted a christmas story to fit the happy holiday mood i was in. this exceeded my expectations and currently owns a place on my shelf ^_^

2. forest of hands and teeth by carrie ryan - i hate zombies. i hate that my fiance wants to make me watch 'the walking dead' >_< i can do vampires and werewolves tearing each other to pieces but i cannot handle zombies eating people. (i am convinced there will be a zombie apocalypse!) with that being said, it is soooo weird that i love the forest of hands and teeth series. idk what it was, i was swept away by the story.

3. splintered by a.g. howard - i was intrigued by this one. "what if alice really went to wonderland and her descendents were cursed?" i went into this one scared of what was done to the classic story and i loved what i found.

4. eleanor and park by rainbow rowell - i went into this one blind. i read the advanced reader copy in november because i wanted to read some mindless teen fiction to clear my head before finals. eleanor and park is not a book i would typically read but i am so glad it found me.

5. the lover's dictionary by david levithan - i was curious about this book. david levithan writing adult fiction. i guess i read it because i was in the awkward dating phase of my relationship. this book was soooooooo much fun to read. every time i read it i discover something new and i love that ^_^

5 books i thought i'd like more than i did:

1. tiger lily by jodi lynn anderson - OMGSH this book -__- it was one of the most frustrating novels i have ever read. ok first, i am such a sucker for peter pan retellings and needless to say, i was fiening for this book from the minute it came into the store. i even broke my 'borrow it from the library first' rule and bought it before reading it. tiger lily was such a disappointment. there are no other words.

2. fire by kristen cashore - i simply adored graceling so naturally i read fire. i really wanted to like this one, but just wasn't as exciting as graceling.

3. looking for alaska by john green - ok, i think i am the only person in the world who does not care much for john green books (no offense to him). he is very talented. looking for alaska was the first one of his i read because people told me it was his best at the time. i wanted to like it, but i was bored. sorry world :(

4. honey, baby, sweetheart by deb caletti - i had read the nature of jade and loved it so i was looking for another deb caletti book to read. this one seemed pretty popular. i was looking forward to reading this especially because of the title and it was a let down. i was bored >_<

5. city of fallen angels by cassandra clare - i was warned before i read this that it wasn't as good as the first 3 in the mortal instruments series. but i was like, "nah, i'll give it a try".... i should have listened to my peers :/


  1. I have a John Green book on my list as one that I liked less than I expected to: Paper Towns. And that's even with me being one of those people who loves John Green and his books! So I get where you're comign from :)

    Great list! I can't wait to read Eleanor & Park and any of David Levithan's books.

  2. The lover's dictionary is one of my favorite books! I re-read it all the time and quote from it constantly.
    New follower!

    CeCe @ Steaming Mug of Books

  3. Agreed with respect to City of Fallen Angels. She should've stopped with #3.

    TTT at Krista's Dust Jacket

  4. Definitely agree about City of Fallen Angels. I lost interest there and still haven't gotten to book 5. Ugh

  5. I adored Splintered, but I kind of expected to, what with my love of re-tellings and that gorgeous cover. <3