Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: Anna and the French Kiss

title: anna and the french kiss
author: stephanie perkins
book birthday: december 2, 2010
rating: 4.5 stars

i understand why everyone has been so obsessed with this book and i almost hate myself for waiting so long to read it. i was so worried it wouldn't live up to all the hype. i finally borrowed it from the library last week because i wanted something light to read during finals. OMGSH! anna and the french kiss was exactly what i needed.

first off, anna's voice is so adorable and real. the way she openly checks out guys and analyzes things is hilarious and true to how girls can be. st. clair was a great love interest. i loved his perspective on things and the way he and anna interacted. his attitude towards what he was going through is how you would expect someone in his situation to act which makes it that much more real.

i think that anna's experience is relatable; going away for school to come home and find that things have changed and you have changed. over all it was a great coming of age story. i will admit, i did roll my eyes at the ending, but i didn't care because i was smiling when it was all over and a cheesy romance is just what i needed. anna and the french kiss is definitely on my list of my feel-good books now.

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