Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Of Beast and Beauty

title: of beast and beauty
author: stacey jay
book birthday: july 23, 2013
rating: 5 stars

i absolutely loved this retelling of beauty and the beast. i love that it is told from multiple perspectives and the world it took place in. i have never read anything by stacey jay so i went into this one just knowing it was a fairy tale retelling. after i finished reading, i texted my best friend right after i finished telling her how amazing it was ^_^

the book follows the original story pretty well. it is dark, i would say darker than jackson pearce's work considering the sacrifice concept and gods. there is a lot to take in when reading, i won't go into too much detail because that might give things away. there is a lot of back story, so if you are the type to not like getting enveloped in a fantasy world and going with it then this book is not for you. you really need a suspension of disbelief to read this one.

the relationship between isra and gem is fantastic. their connection and growing friendship was so much fun to read. isra is such a kick-butt character, very strong personality and gem is a great match for her. there were so many twists and turns and unexpected plot lines.

couple things i did not like. one was the parts written from bo's perspective. it was so random and not enough of it. his voice came in so late into the book it was awkward and unexpected in a bad way. another thing is the ending. it was a little lack luster for me compared to the rest of the book, though i do appreciate it and where the characters ended up.

over all, i loved the book. i cant wait for it to come out so i can have it on my self!

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