Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: This Is What Happy Looks Like

title: this is what happy looks like
author: jennifer e. smith
book birthday: april 2, 2013
rating: 2.5-3 stars

this book was cute. like disney channel movie cute. i appreciated that some things were real. the characters attitudes to the situations they faced were pretty true to how you would think someone in their situation would react. i did expect the characters to talk online longer than they did, but it didn't bother me. i liked both characters and that is what kept me going more than anything, because i wanted to see where their story went. the way they connected was adorable. the long separation between them was unexpected but realistic. *small spoiler* i didn't expect them to be apart for that long, though it is realistic to ignore someone like that over a summer.

idk i just think the book was cute. there wasn't much to it. i mean, the author did make it have a little tension with ellie going to meet her father but that was it. there were no "oh crap" moments, more like "awww" parts where i felt bad for the characters. overall it was a good book. the characters were likeable, there were funny parts, sad parts and a not-so-perfect ending. i could see this one becoming a tv movie someday.

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