Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: How to Love

title: how to love
author: katie cotugno
book birthday: october 1, 2013
rating: 4.5 stars

i love a good unconventional romance. this book just felt real. everything about it felt like out there somewhere someone is going through what reena and sawyer are going through. just a warning. this is not your typical romance ya. this book to me falls under new adult fiction, mostly because of the "after" chapters and drug use content.

sawyer is not a typical bad boy. okay, maybe he is... but he isn't the quiet in the corner brooding bad boy type. he is a party animal with a rebellious attitude and there are times where you just want to shake reena for being with him. reena and sawyer's relationship is so dysfunctional that i was really questioning if they would ever get together or not. she was really starting to move on with her life when he showed up two years after he left.

there were some things left unanswered like when did reena get pregnant exactly and what was the confrontation between her and lydia (sawyer's mom) that made lydia hate reena so much? the parts about allie and reena's relationship were true to how friends could grow apart and how a guy could get between best friends. i am happy that reena did have shelby, her brother cade and other minor characters supporting her. i wish i got to know them a little bit more. oh and also more about reena's mom and their relationship.

on a side note, i also liked the touches on the catholic faith. it brought an interesting twist to the book. it kind of reminded me of small town sinners by melissa walker but not to that extreme.

i did like the alternating chapters; the "before" and "after" was fun to read, like putting a mystery together of what happened to them and how it affected the now. there was hurt, love, confusion, happiness, anger, all sorts of human emotions when sawyer came back into the picture and the parts with aaron were just heartbreaking to read because he was such a good guy. so many ups and downs, truly a roller coaster romance. this is definitely one i will have on my shelves.

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