Saturday, June 08, 2013

Review: Of Poseidon and Of Triton

title: of poseidon
author: anna banks
book birthday: may 22, 2012
rating: 4 stars

ok, first off i adore the cover. i think it is so mysterious and lovely. i was hesitant to read this one at first because other y.a. about mermaids i've read have been completely cheesy and the underwater scenes were horribly written. of poseidon turned out to be a pleasant surprise. it felt like anna banks did not want to leave any room for questioning her twist on mermaid folklore.
as most of you know, i'm a sucker for a book from split perspectives. emma and galen are interesting characters. it was awkward at first to get used to emma's first person narrative and galen's third person narrative but i got into the story anyway. their relationship was fun to read, especially their bickering scenes. galen's character was the most plausible to me (believe it or not). his prince-who-is-curious-for-the-human-world character is exactly what we as the readers would hope he would be. to me, his character's point of view carries the majority of the story. emma's sarcasm and one liners were hilarious and brought a lot to the table. part of me wonders how the book would have come out if it was completely written in third person narration.

over all, there was a good plot, some action, and a dramatic mystery. the story was a fun, light, new read. i think this is a good summer beach read. my only complaints are that emma's voice gets annoying sometimes and the cliff hanger ending left me wanting to chuck the book across the room (in a good way if that makes any sense).

 title: of triton
author: anna banks
book birthday: may 28, 2013
rating: 3 stars

*contains spoilers*

i was so excited for this book. after the cliffhanger in of poseidon i just had to know what happened next. i am so happy that the book picked up right where of poseidon left off. i love that we enter emma's confused perspective and i wanted more.
BUT the part where nalia and grom were united so early in the book was also the part where the book fell apart for me. 
ok, first, the split perspective wasn't working for me. i tolerated it in the first book, but it completely threw me off in this one. i was confused and bored. oh and emma's voice was soooo aggravating. it was like she kept talking in circles. the humor her character had in the first book was out the window in this one. i understand that this book is a little more intense, but there were intense parts in of poseidon and she still had sarcastic one liners that made the scene. in of triton i was left wondering what happened to her.
oh and the trial! what was up with that?! i was so confused O.o it was so cheesy how emma saved the day, it went back to those other mermaid novels where the underwater scenes were just slapped together with ideas. the whole serenas stabbing each other behind the back and the conspiracy to have nalia prove that she is the poseidon heir was ridiculous.
the whole thing felt like a made for tv movie. i was seriously let down. i can go on about the issues i had with this book.

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