Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

title: fangirl
author: rainbow rowell
book birthday: september 10th 2013
rating: 3 stars

If no one knew about Rainbow Rowell before, they will know of her when this book is officially out there in the world. I have seen that most people are loving this book and the fact that it addresses the fangirl world. that being said... it took me a while to put together what I wanted to say about this book.
Here it is: I personally did not enjoy this book. I do think someone like my best book buddy, Ally, would like this book and I am dying to know what she thinks of it.
I think Fangirl was over written in some parts, the epigraphs were so long I wanted to skip some of them, the characters were not developed well. I had such a hard time connecting to Cath and I had trouble understanding her relationship with her sister at times though I do get why Wren wanted space from her sister in college.
I read the story twice just to be sure I wasn't just judging the content with the fangirling but I am sorry world- I did not like it. I couldn't tell you what really happened in the first half of the book because it wasn't memorable. It moved so slow, building up to the middle with Levi.
The Simon Snow series is a knock off of Harry Potter. I am sure that some people will enjoy the spoof but I did not. I found it so annoying and I did not like it at all *spoiler alert* especially with the plagiarism incident.
I was trying to pin point my main disappointment with Fangirl and I think I know what it is: there were too many plot lines left incomplete and that causes the characters to come off as underdeveloped and the glass is half empty.

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