Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Review: Tarnish

title: tarnish
author: katherine longshore
book birthday: june 18, 2013
rating: 4.5 stars

OMGSH this book. I am obsessed with Tudor history as many readers are out there. When I found out about Tarnish I couldn't resist borrowing it from the library. I did borrow it first because I was cautious with the whole Anne Boleyn before Henry angle. Now it happily owns a place among the boxes of books in my new apartment waiting for the book cases my husband promised me ^_^.
The writing in this book was much better than I expected. For example one of the quotes Anne said about her exile: "It is hell. Worse, it is purgatory. At least in hell you have something to do. In purgatory, all you do is wait."
Another quote I love is:
"Your words are no more meaningful than a castle manufactured from sugar paste. It may look beautiful, it may taste sweet, but in the end, it crumbles and melts and becomes nothing. It cannot sustain a person, and only serves to blacken the teeth and coat the tongue."
Those are just a couple examples.There were moments where the magic was broken on one of Anne's rants and we were reminded of the fact that the book is a YA novel, however for me the good outweighed the bad.
Overall, Tarnish captivated me. It was just the release I needed from the hustle and bustle of lesson planning and grading papers, etc. Tarnish reminds us of the status of women during the Tudor period and the obligations they had. I love that Anne was made out to be vulnerable and that it was emphasized that she was the black sheep of her family but not to the point that she lost her spunk. She was born to stand out and that was stressed by the explanation of the French fashion that Anne embraced.
Longshore brings wonderful new light to Anne Boleyn and makes out to be more than a power hungry woman. She writes about life at court vividly and it made all the difference in Anne's story. I found out that she has a book called Guilt which I will borrow before I buy, just because I am iffy about the cover.
Other than that, go get Tarnish!!!

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