Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Top Ten Book Turn Offs

Sorry this is late :/ Top Ten Book Turn-Offs. A similar topic was done on July 23rd. My list for that is here:

1. "new adult fiction"- all the stories seem the same to me :/

2. political mumbo jumbo- i dont care much for politics. i never have and i dont think i ever will.

3. suspense- idk what it is about that word but i dont like to read mysteries or "suspense" novels.

4. "for fans of twilight"- 'nuff said.

5. e-book only- seriously people? why would you do that to yourselves? if we love your book enough we'll get the ebook AND the hard copy because we are book fiends and we must must must have it on our shelves but you deprive us of that privilege. 

6. erotica- yup. pass.

7. high school drama- maybe i'm just growing up, but books with cliques, jocks, cheerleaders, pranks, coming of age in high school i just can't deal with anymore. i'm getting really picky with contemporary fiction :/

8. aliens- if a book ends up having aliens, i end up losing interest. the ONE exception is Of Beast and Beauty by Stacy Jay.

9. any book that mentions modern technology by name such as ipods, twitter, facebook etc.

10. novels in verse- the only book i have read that had parts in verse was East by Edith Pattou and there was a logical explanation for those parts but prose outweighed the poetry. i cannot read a novel written entirely in verse. i have tried many times and failed.

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  1. e-book only is on my list too i really dont like it when they do that.
    here is mine