Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review: Ensnared by A.G. Howard

title: ensnared
author: a.g. howard
book birthday: january 6, 2015
rating: 3 stars

Okay, 3 stars is being generous. I was so disappointed with this book. I give it 3 stars because I love the series as a whole, but this addition is just no.
First off, the build up was too much and then the ending was rushed trying to tie up loose ends and give everyone a happily ever after. OMGSH and don't get me started on the epilogue -__-

(contains many spoilers)

The banter between Morpheus and Alyssa was obnoxious, I was like: "JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY!" so many times. It felt like a Korean drama, where the "bad guy" reforms but likes to get on the female lead's nerves for fun. There was a point where I was totally Team Jeb ^_^ especially when he got powers to create his own world. But that didn't last very long.The main "oh s***t" moment for me was when Alyssa swore her life magic to marry Jeb and I thought the book would have improved from there, but then he took it back and it was all wth was this big circle for.
Halfway through the book I was cheering for Morpheus because at least he put up a fight. When Jeb "died" I was happy because that was the push Alyssa needed to change Wonderland and be with one of them. But then Jeb lived... The author was definitely trying to please everyone when she let Alyssa have both guys. And when she and Jeb were together they were both rich and left their family a large fortune and lived happily ever after??? psh yea sure. That was too much.

Another thing, Red disappeared too easily. Way too easily. Kind of like how in X-men the Last Stand, when Scott dies, people morn but then they forget about him for the rest of the movie. Yup like that.

 A positive is that the book goes into Alyssa's dad's history. It was nice to read the back story about him the way Unhinged focused on her mom's back story.

Overall, I am so annoyed with this book.

I can go on and on about the disappointment I have. I feel like the world was lacking and it was too focused on Alyssa's struggle to choose a guy and the beauty of Wonderland was lost. But in the end, I love the series. I'm glad Alyssa and Morpheus got to be together.

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