Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review: My First Superman Book

title: my first super man book
author: david katz
book birthday: january 11, 2011
rating: 3.5

blurb from goodreads:
The first book every comic book geek Dad will want to read to his child! And the first-ever touch-and-feel Superman book.

Each of 6 spreads in this irresistibly cool package features classic Superman art and a special interactive feature. Budding Superman fans can: tap his rippling chest of steel; experience the magic of X-ray vision; pull the tab bringing Clark Kent into the phone booth as Superman flies out; touch his silky red cape; be dazzled by his sparkly Fortress of Solitude; and pet a furry Krypto. Tons of fun for children of all ages!

Okay, can I just say how cheesy this book is? I mean the first page is touching Superman's muscles. But no matter how cheesy it is, my son loves it. The bright colors, the sparkly Fortress of Solitude, the red cape, he loves it all. He likes this book better than the My First Batman Book from the same series :( to be honest, My First Batman doesn't have as much touch and feel for baby as My First Superman and it's not as vibrant.  The book gives all the basics about Superman. The x-ray vision is kinda creepy. Anyway, overall it's not a bad addition to my son's library.

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