Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Top Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

TTT again hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Today's topic is: Top ten books I will probably never read.  I kind of went with genres or topics on this one.

1. current affairs- yup. That's never happening.

2. erotica- any harlequin romance, fifty shades of grey.... yea just no.

3. horror- my sister loves horror stories, the more blood the better. I can't take it. I did read Anna Dressed in Blood, but that took a lot for me to. I read it once and most likely never will again.

4. nonfiction- It's not a "never will read" topic, I'm just really picky about biographies/memoirs and history. I find most of them boring. My husband can sit down with a book like the Fall and Decline of the Roman Empire and fully enjoy it but I can't.

5. epic reads that have a map in the front- OMGSH Game of Thrones. I have been trying for years to read Game of Thrones. Any series that has more than 3 books and a very intricate world I find intimidating.

6. Allegiant by Veronica Roth- I read the first couple of chapters but I couldn't get into it. Then someone from work spoiled the ending so it's hard for me to get back to this one.

7. Pretty Little Liars- gag.

8. anything by James Joyce- I've tried, I really have. I had to read excerpts when I was getting my BA in creative writing but I can't do it.

9. On the Road by Jack Kerouac- I totally faked my way through reading this in school.

10. Zombies/post apocalyptic- I have read some so I can't say "never" but I'm very selective because it's not a topic I can handle well.

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  1. I would never read erotica either, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I know how Allegiant ends but I'm still going to read it so I can say I've finished the whole trilogy. I wouldn't read the PLL books, but I have seen the TV show.
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