Monday, July 27, 2015

Review: Crazy by Amy Reed

title: crazy
author: amy reed
book birthday: june 12, 2012
rating 3.5 stars

blurb from goodreads:
He's falling in love and she's falling over the edge of sanity. From the author of Beautiful and Clean, a heartwrenching exploration of a romance marred by mental illness.

Connor knows that Izzy will never fall in love with him the way he's fallen for her. But somehow he's been let into her crazy, exhilarating world and become her closest confidante. But the closer they get, the more Connor realizes that Izzy's highs are too high and her lows are too low. And the frenetic energy that makes her shine is starting to push her into a much darker place.

As Izzy's behavior gets increasingly erratic and self-destructive, Connor gets increasingly desperate to stop her from plummeting. He knows he can't save her from her pain...but what if no one else can?

So, I read Crazy because of my students. A bit of information about this book that the blurb doesn't mention: the story is told completely through a series of emails, so if that is a turn off for you then don't read this book. This literary element is one of the things my students love and can relate to. Also, Connor and Izzy are very random and go on a lot of tangents so if that bothers you then this book is not for you either. 
I will admit, I did not enjoy reading Crazy very much. I found myself skimming through a lot of it and still understanding the story. However, I love the book for my kids. The literary elements that I found annoying, my kids loved. Also, the randomness of Izzy was something that my kids loved too because that's how a lot of them are. (For those of you who are just tuning into my blog, I teach high school special ed.)  
Overall, I liked how the author showed Izzy's downward spiral and how family can be a trigger of a mental illness. I did think it was convenient that Connor's mom was a psychologist but for the purpose of the book it wasn't a big deal. I liked how Connor was direct with Izzy and how his uncertainty was expressed, it is very true to real life. 
I have recommended this book to my students before and some of them have asked me if I've read it because they love it. 3.5 stars for it being not my cup of tea but still good for the age group it's trying to reach.

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