Tuesday, May 03, 2016

my top bookworm delights

This was a Top Ten Tuesday topic from last week or a couple weeks ago. I love this topic and can't wait for the next TTT freebie so here's my list.

1. A Barnes and Noble gift card. I just got one in the mail from my mom for Mother's Day ^_^ so excited to spend it.

2. Getting approved for books via netgalley and edelweiss.

3. Library apps for mobile devices. Since I am now a mom-on-the-go, library apps like Overdrive are helping me to keep up with my reading goals.

4. Reading with my Baby Jay. It has become a thing before bed to read with him and I am loving it. he also will sit and flip through the books I buy for him for a while and he has his favorites. I am looking forward to taking him to library story time and the children section in larger Barnes and Noble stores.

5. Journals. To make lists and keep track of current reads, or add title to my TBR list.

6. Bookshelves, bookends, creative book storage. I'm still waiting for mine....

7. A newly organized bookshelf/case. After I organize my books to fit in my new books I just stand back and smile.

8. When I'm listening to music on the subway and reading a book and the most perfect song comes on that goes with the scene I'm reading.

9. Hearing someone quote from a book I've read and geeking out with them over the reference.

10. The peace that comes with walking into a bookstore. Feels like home.

11. When my husband says: "We can stop at the bookstore" and pulls into the B&N parking lot.

12. Strand @ Central Park on a warm sunny day. Most of you know about the infamous Strand bookstore here in New York City. In the spring/summer, they have a set up outside of Central Park. Lucky for me a friend of mine works there so I'm looking forward double to visiting this summer.

And of course there are the obvious delights such as the thrill of starting a new book or the awe of taking off the dust jacket on a hard cover book and the inside is beautiful.

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