Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Things I Learned About Vacationing With A Toddler

Hello all!

My husband, Baby Jay, and I went on a vacation to Lake George this summer and it was fantastic. I highly recommend it for city dwellers as a weekend getaway. We spent a whole week there and it was worth it. Didn't spend a lot either thanks to my penny pinching husband.

Anyway, this was our first family vacation with just us three. It was the experience you're probably thinking filled with the tantrums, nap times, and buying things to please the toddler. One night while sitting in the hotel room after Baby Jay finally fell asleep, we made a list of things that we learned on this trip. Of course I wrote them down to share with all of you.

1. Take a stroller.
My husband fought me while packing up the car. Why do we have to bring that? He is walking everywhere now. It won't fit in the trunk. Jay you're a big boy right? You don't need that. He ended up packing it into the very spacious trunk anyway just to make me happy. In the end, everywhere we went he said: "Wait, take the stroller".

2. Keep the bathroom door closed.
I cannot tell you how many times it was too quiet and we found my son getting into trouble in the bathroom.

3. Bring a few extra toys/books.
This is kind of a given. Books for bedtime, toys for the car ride or to play in the hotel room while you're figuring out what to do that day.

4. Take a tablet or electronic device or a favorite DVD
This may be your only chance for some quiet time or again, a distraction while you're figuring out what to do that day.

5. Pack two or three outfits for every day.
I changed the baby's clothes 2-3x a day. This was because of potty accidents, spilled something on his shirt, we were going somewhere and he needed to wear something nicer, the evenings were cool and the afternoons were crazy hot. Yea. I didn't realize I was changing his clothes so much until hubby said something.

6. You will go to bed early.
Not just because of toddler bed time. You will be genuinely tired.

7. Get double beds, or a crib if the hotel offers one.
I wanted the crib our hotel offered but we had double beds so we decided to make that work and ask for the crib later. Double beds were amazing. I got to sleep alone while Jay cuddled with daddy and then my husband got to sleep alone while the baby cuddled with me. We alternated like that all week and it worked for us. Definitely call on ahead before you take the portable crib/playpen to see if the hotel offers one for the room.

8. Travel booster seat for restaurants.
Not every restaurant, diner, or whatever offers a high chair and that made eating out a mission. I really wish we had thought of bringing a booster that straps baby to the chair.

9. Plan one big adventure per day.
We planned one big outing for each

That's all for now. I look forward to reading about all of your traveling adventures for inspiration for our next vacation.

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